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A brighter future

Lauren Sundheimer, MD

I look forward to smiling with you at

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Identifying the issues

Through a holistic approach to medicine, Dr. Sundheimer views each patient as a whole rather. In doing so, she seeks a full and thorough treatment plan to meet your goals.


Your health deserves proper care and attention. Please contact the office today to schedule an appointment.

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Non-IVF Treatments

Considering the options

IVF can be intimidating. Fortunately there are several treatment options to consider before doing IVF. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Sundheimer to review all the options. Even if you have already tried, a fresh and compassionate pair of eyes may help find new options and hope!

In Vitro Fertilization

A complete service

For many seeking to grow their family, IVF is the best path forward, but that doesn't mean it is easy. Fortunately, IVF with Dr. Sundheimer is a individualized and personal experience. Between our accommodating staff, a smiling doctor, and our state-of-the-art embryology lab, you know you are in the best hands.


Preserving Fertility

Preparing for the future

For many, now may not be the right time for a family. Securing the possibility for the future will give you piece of mind - when the day comes you'll be ready! Schedule with Dr. Sundheimer to find out how egg and embryo preservation could be right for you.


A bright future for all families

There are many reasons to contact us to start your family. If you are seeking a donor or a surrogate, Dr. Sundheimer has the resources you need! All families are welcome with a smile.

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Supplementary Services

A Holistic Approach

Reproductive medicine is a rapidly evolving field. We know that a healthy body and mind is more conducive to conception. Contact Dr. Sundheimer to discuss ways to better your health, reduce your stress, and navigate the latest in the art and science of reproductive medicine.

Your fertility doctor should be a source of calm, not stress. Dr. Sundheimer endeavors to bring you confidence and success with your family planning and growth goals


Call to make an appointment or if you need to chat.

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I look forward to smiling with you!

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